Donna Purcell KC


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Donna was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and currently lives in Calgary and Red Deer, Alberta. She is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Donna Purcell QC Law, with offices across Alberta. A legal tech evangelist for over two decades, she advocates for the digital transformation of the legal system to improve access to justice and lawyer retention. Her firm is paperless and in the cloud, but maintains a hybrid existence to accommodate the needs of all clients, regardless of their capacity to access digital services.

Donna practices mainly in the areas of serious personal injury and fatalities, insurance, business (focused on innovation and technology) and employment law. A 2021 graduate of the Harvard Business Analytics Program, she values the gathering and analysis of data to improve the delivery of legal services. She was selected as a 2021 Top 25 Most Influential Lawyer (Changemaker) by Canadian Lawyer Magazine and the 2022 Business Leader of the Year in central Alberta. She is also recipient of a Gary J. Bigg Champion of Justice Award from the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association and a Women In Law Leadership (WILL) Award for Leadership in the Community.

She continues to spend half her working hours in non-billable and philanthropic endeavours, especially as they relate to access to justice, diversity and inclusivity, technology, youth and the arts. She and her two daughters (her superpowers) have recently established their Breaking the Mould Foundation. She is a regular columnist as “Lady Justice” and her extra-curriculars including travelling, fitness training and performing and competing in various styles of hip hop.